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The Amazing
Infrared-Lamp Sauna
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I think it was early 2005 when I first heard about Infrared-Lamp Saunas from my friend, Dr. Larry Wilson. As he talked about this device, I just Knew that I had to have one; but it seemed impractical at the time. I wasn’t sure where I could put anything this large, in our crowded house, and I didn't know how much it would cost. Some months later, when we spoke of it again, it was time to figure out where to get one, and where I could put it.

Dr. Wilson sent me a copy of his book, “SAUNA THERAPY, for Detoxification and Healing”, and I began to learn more about these amazing devices. His book outlines the long history of saunas, in many cultures around the world, and how they have been used for healing, meditation and spiritual rituals, and a community meeting place. The earliest saunas were made using camp fires to heat rocks, which were put into a suitable enclosure, while the more modern dry and steam versions, use electric or gas heaters.

The book's primary focus is on the additional benefits available through the use of a sauna heated with infrared bulbs. An Infrared-Lamp Sauna is also smaller and less expensive than the more familiar dry air saunas and steam rooms.

“SAUNA THERAPY” explained that the basic function of a sauna is to raise the body's temperature several degrees. The body then attempts to reduce its temperature by driving blood to the surface and sweating, which results in many beneficial physiological effects.

The body uses its natural internal mechanisms to heat itself (fever) in order to fight infections. This is why, low body temperature, due to impaired thyroid activity, or other reasons, is one of the most common causes of recurrent inflammations and infections. The heating of the body helps destroy bacteria, viruses, tumors and damaged cells. In essence, a sauna is a device that can be used to induce a controlled fever in the body.

Saunas also dramatically improve circulation, and relieve congestion in internal organs. Sweating promotes the elimination of toxic metals and chemicals.
The skin’s ability to eliminate poisons increases with repeated sauna use.

It was my hope that the use of an Infrared-Lamp Sauna could 
deliver the benefits which I first envisioned, after my conversations with Dr. Wilson. The book said that there was a very good chance this type of sauna could help me:
  • Reduce or eliminate my chronic inflammation
  • Get rid of toxins 
  • Improve my circulation
  • Raise my body temperature
  • Reduce stress and facilitate relaxation


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