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Acquiring a Sauna
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Change in Plans
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A Change in Plans
Page Nine

My original design called for cutting, and attaching additional pieces of hardboard to the outside of the frame, to create a sandwich of hardboard, insulation and then hardboard. However, after reaching this point, in the construction process, I decided that an additional layer of hardboard would not add much more insulation value to the walls, but it would create more gaps where the pieces met at the corners.

These gaps would become additional sources for air leakage. For this reason, I decided to wrap the frame with one solid piece of vinyl-covered cotton fabric, which would add a little insulation value, but not create any new gaps, and would help to seal existing gaps, better than another layer of hardboard. This material was attached to the 1x4 frame with 1/4" staples.

Vinyl-covered cotton is used for the outer layer of the skin: Infrared-Lamp Sauna
The vinyl-covered cotton fabric is shown stapled into place.
Note the white switch in the upper left hand corner.

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