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Acquiring a Sauna
The Frame
Lamp Guard
Filling the Gaps
Change in Plans
The Door
The Vent
Final Touches
Sauna Sessions
Effects and Results

Page Thirteen

This project spanned a period of about one month starting with the first purchase of materials, on 24 November 2006, up until my first session in the sauna, on 20 December 2006. It is very difficult to estimate how many hours it took to actually build the sauna, but I'm sure that I spent at least three times as long pondering the design and construction problems, that I ran into, as well as walking around Home Depot looking for ways to solve them.

I did a lot of the work, all by myself, but many of the steps in the construction process would be difficult if not impossible to do alone, so much of this project is a definitely 2-person job. My wife was of great assistance in helping me complete the project, but she was probably even more help in critiquing my design and construction ideas, and in developing invaluable ideas of her own. For example, she had the idea to wrap the sauna in some kind of fabric, and found the vinyl-covered cotton at Walmart for me. She also figured out how to make a suitable door!

After reading the description of this project, it may sound too difficult for some people to undertake, but it should be much easier, and go much faster for anyone who follows our lead, and does not have to figure it out as they go along, as we did.