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Acquiring a Sauna
The Frame
Lamp Guard
Filling the Gaps
Change in Plans
The Door
The Vent
Final Touches
Sauna Sessions
Effects and Results

Filling the Gaps
Page Seven

At this point, there were very large gaps in the corners of the unit, because of errors in cutting the angles, and the fact that the hardboard wasn't quite wide enough to cover the whole frame. These had to be filled in or covered.

Corner Gaps:  Infrared-Lamp Sauna
There are fairly large gaps at the corners
where the sheets of hardboard meet.

I considered many solutions to solve this problem, and looked at a wide range of molding at Home Depot, as well as other options, but in the end I decided to go with 1x4's again. I obtained four more 5', 1x4s and mounted them in each corner using #6 x 1 1/2" round-head wood screws to join these pieces to the top and bottom Trapezoids. Then #6 x 5/8" pan-head sheet-metal screws were screwed into both the edge, and the flat side of the 1x4's, every 6", to pull both sheets of hardboard in tight, and to cover the gaps.

Extra 1x4's are used to cover the gaps and tighten up the corners:  Infrared-Lamp Sauna
With these additional 1x4's screwed
in place, the gaps are gone.