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Lamp Guard
Page Six

Dr. Wilson's design called for a piece of hardware cloth to be cut, bent and attached to the back wall, around the lamps, to form a cage to guard against someone accidentally touching the bulbs when they are hot. The hardware cloth was cut 18" wide, and then bent with a 2" lip on each end, that would be used to attach it to the back of the unit. Then it was bent to come out about 9" from the wall, and then it dropped about 18". Heavy duty shears were used to cut the hardware cloth, and the bending was done on the edge of an old table.

Hardware cloth forms a protective cage around the hot bulbs: Infrared-Lamp Sauna
The hardware cloth is attached with
six #12 x 1" screws and washers

The hardware cloth was anchored into the verticals using #12 x 1" pan-head sheet-metal screws, and washers to make sure that the screw heads didn't slip through the 1/2" grid of the hardware cloth.