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Page Five

I wanted to wire the sauna before I put the top on, so I had enough natural light to do the job, and a little  more room to work. Dr. Wilson's plans showed this very simple wiring diagram, with a switch, and three light sockets wired in parallel.

Dr.Wilson's wiring diagram: Infrared-Lamp Sauna
The three light sockets are wired in parallel through a switch.

I mounted the electrical box to the front of the sauna with #6 x 1 1/2" wood screws, and then mounted the switch in the box with the screws that came with it. I cut the female end off the extension cord, and used a knife to separate the two wires for about half its length. I cut one of the wires at this point, and connected it to one of the terminals on the switch. I took the other half of this wire, and connected it to the other terminal of the switch.

Now, I had two 12-foot-long wires connected to the male plug that would be plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. One wire was uncut, and the other was cut so that one half of it went to one terminal of the switch, and the other half went to the other terminal. 

Next, I placed the three light sockets in a triangle shape so that each side of the triangle was 9 1/2", from center to center, as shown above in Dr. Wilson's diagram. Using the #14 solid wire, I wired them together running the black wire to each brass screw, and the white wire to each silver screw.

250 watt porcelain lamp sockets: Infrared-Lamp Sauna
250 watt porcelain light sockets were used.

Wiring the lamp sockets together: Infrared-Lamp Sauna
The sockets were wired in parallel with #14 wire.

At this point, I took the sockets into the sauna, and put them on the floor in front of the wall where they would be mounted. Then the wires from the former extension cord were connected to the light socket nearest the side of the sauna where the switch was mounted.

Mounting the light sockets

The top socket was mounted 36" above the floor of the sauna, and in the center of the back wall where the mounting screws would attach to the center vertical 1x4. The two bottom sockets were positioned 9 1/2" apart, from center to center, and so their distance from the top socket was also 9 1/2", from center to center. Due to the pre-positioning of the other two verticals, the #12 x 1" pan-head sheet-metal screws, used to mount the sockets, could attach solidly to them.

Philips Infrared Bulbs: Infrared-Lamp Sauna
Two Philips bulbs came in this box.

Philips Infrared Bulbs: Infrared-Lamp Sauna
The other Philips bulb came in this box.

Dr. Wilson recommended Phillips, General Electric and Sli bulbs. I was able to find Phillips bulbs at Home Depot, but they were in two different boxes, however, I think that they are the same bulbs.

The sockets are wired together and attached to the back wall: Infrared-Lamp Sauna
Note the former extension cord is coming in from the
left and connecting to the lower left socket. This socket
has already been wired to the other two with the #14 wire.

With the bulbs screwed in, they light up: Infrared-Lamp Sauna
They work!